Dearman is testing a new cryogenic pump developed in partnership with venture engineering specialists Productiv as part of an environmental transport programme. 

The clean cold company said it had successfully delivered a prototype of the important component for the Dearman-Hubbard TRU back in January.

Dearman and Productiv’s green transport programme reaches key milestone

The pump, part of the £15m Cryogenic Engines for Mobile Zero Emission Power (CEMZEP) programme, pumps liquid nitrogen (LiN) from the tank – mounted underneath the refrigerated trailer – through a heat exchanger where it provides cooling.

The nitrogen then expands in the Dearman Engine where it is mixed with water/glycol heat exchange fluid to enhance power and efficiency.

The new cryogenic pump is currently being tested at the Dearman Technology Centre in London.

Commenting Chris Owen, Head of Cryogenics at Dearman, said, “The new cryo pump supports Dearman’s drive for excellence. It gives real-world efficiency improvements for Dearman’s zero-emission TRU while making the whole Dearman offering still more competitive.”

“I look forward to seeing the benefits soon, as part of Dearman’s TRU currently on the road with some of Europe’s largest retailers. With support from the team at Productiv, we’ve developed a pump that has the potential to be a product in its own right, demonstrably better than comparable machines in the market.”

Dearman will be able to manufacture the new cryogenics pump at its London Technology Centre, with its CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine.

This machine enables the engineers at Dearman to manufacture bespoke components for its cutting-edge clean cold technology on site, reducing costs and lead times significantly.