Dearman, the technology company focused on cold and power, has been selected as one of five companies to participate in the UK Green Tech Forum, taking place this week in Osaka, Japan.

Dearman will present its revolutionary liquid-air technologies and share insights into how cutting-edge clean cold technologies can contribute to the growing green technology sector in Japan.

The trade and investment programme spans three days and seeks to further strengthen commercial links between Osaka and the Thames Valley. The event is jointly hosted by the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Kansai (METI), and the Osaka City Government.

Michael Ayres, Deputy Chief Executive of the UK-based company, explained, “We look forward not only to building on existing relationships, but also to meeting new potential development partners and customers for our cutting-edge clean cold technology. Japan’s low-carbon and green technology cluster is growing rapidly and presents a significant commercial opportunity for clean tech developers, as well as real potential for inward investment in the UK and Thames Valley.”

Dearman technology harnesses the unique properties of liquid nitrogen (LN2) to deliver efficient, cost effective and zero-emission cold and power. A zero-emission transport refrigeration unit using this technology has been successfully undergoing trials throughout 2015 and will begin a commercial field trial in the coming months.

Further applications of the corporation’s technology include a liquid-air-diesel hybrid engine for buses and HGVs, and a zero-emission back-up power and cooling system for the built environment.

Dearman’s visit to Japan aims to build upon international connections that have been established in the Malaysian, Singapore and US markets.