The importance of cooling and its environmental impact has been recognised by the organisers of EU Sustainable Energy Week as part of the week’s activities.

Titled Cleaner Cooling – Sustainably meeting the rapid growth in transport and urban cooling demand, the collaborative workshop has been convened, and will be led by, Dearman, the London-based clean cold technology company.

Speakers from academia and industry will focus on the rising demand for cooling globally, and will explore how to sustainably meet the rapid growth in transport and urban cooling demand.

The workshop will be moderated by Dr. Tim Fox, International Ambassador, Dearman, and Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, who said, “It is timely and encouraging that EU Sustainable Energy Week is to dedicate an event to the urgent issue of Cleaner Cooling.”

“Cold underpins our modern lifestyles, and as demographics shift, demand for cold is booming. Cold is vital to help feed growing populations, to transport medicines and to aid development in emerging economies.”

“However, the potentially ruinous environmental consequences have barely been considered, let alone addressed.”

“We face a choice, do we address demand using the polluting fossil fuelled machinery of the past, or do we embrace and support innovative clean cold technologies and infrastructure of the future? That is the focus of our forthcoming event and I am very pleased that Dearman is leading the debate.”

The confirmed speakers are: Adam Chase, E4tech; Ann Callans, Air Products; Michael Ayres, Dearman; Pat Maughan, Hubbard Products Ltd; Professor Judith Evans, London South Bank University; Professor Toby Peters, University of Birmingham.

The European Commission estimates that the demand for cooling in buildings in the EU will increase by 72% by 2030.

Cleaner Cooling – Sustainably meeting the rapid growth in transport and urban cooling demandwill be held on 18 June 2015, from 16:00 to 17:30
Committee of the Regions, Room JDE 61, Brussels, Belgium.