Seattle-based investment company E8 has said it will invest in three start-up companies that will boost carbon capture, hydrogen fuel infrastructure and electric vehicle adoption.

Through its newly launched Decarbon8-US impact fund, the company hopes to support the technologies needed to address climate change.

Molly Shor, E8 Screen Committee Chair and Member of the D8 Investment Committee, said, “Decarbon8 offers everyone an opportunity to help address the generational crisis of climate change by supporting decarbonisation innovation.”

“These companies have proven technologies that are ready to go, and we are excited to give investors a chance to learn about them and participate in their growth.”

Out of the 38 start-ups that applied for the funding, the following three will benefit:

  • Earthly Labs, a Texas-based company giving small craft breweries and other industrial facilities a change to capture and recycle CO2 emissions. Earthly Labs’ decarbonisation technology is ready to scale, drive by a beverage-grade CO2 shortage and momentum for circular economies and sustainability.
  • Steelhead Composite, a Colorado-based company who provides specialised vessels for storing hydrogen that can be found in automobiles, maritime ships, and stationary and backup power, and even in space.
  • Xeal, based in Los Angeles, is offering an advanced software platform for electric vehicle charger networks that is connecting multi-unit properties and workplace customers and their drivers.

Decarbon8-US has said it will invest a minimum of $50,000 in Earthly Labs, a minimum of $40,000 in Steelhead Composites, and a minimum of $25,000 in Xeal.

Mike Rea, E8’s Executive Director, said, “This fund and its flexible options make it easy for anyone to participate in climate innovation and returns, regardless of expertise, wealth and free time.”