Having touched down in the Urals and taken a trip into the heart of Ukraine, Kiev is this weekend home to gasworld’s Eastern Europe Conference 2010.

Eagerly awaited and now firmly in motion, the enterprising conference, titled Industrial Gases: East meets West, will discuss the vast potential, dynamics and challenges of the gases business in this budding region.

Delegates have defied the volcanic ash clouds and arrived in Ukraine for this progressive event, with pre-registration currently underway this evening.

Pre-registration regularly sees upwards of 50% of the event’s delegates arrive and get into the spirit of both the conference and the region itself, as a pre-cursor to the official opening of the conference the following day.

That’s certainly the case this evening, as attendees from Eastern Europe and afar gather ahead of what is expected to be one of the most eagerly anticipated gasworld conferences to date.

Day One will see an array of topical and engaging presentations from respected, informed figures from the industrial gas business in this expansive part of the world.

Guest speakers will describe both the potential that lay ahead, and the challenges this brings. Before rising to those challenges however, it’s important to fully understand the region’s business climate, trends, dynamics and practices – and that’s exactly what the conference will provide for delegates during the morning’s first session.

Keep a close eye on the gasworld website throughout both days of the conference, as we provide live updates and the latest daily news stories from the event.

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