The market of liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) and dry ice, which has suffered a tight supply for several years, is now facing a more difficult situation for procurement, The Gas Review reports.

The Japanese magazine explains this is due to the extended turnaround period and troubles at the crude gas suppliers this year.

From May to June of this year, the crude gas suppliers implemented their periodical maintenance in nearly half of the plants across Japan. In Kyushu, the general turnaround over the production bases coincided with the same period.

In addition, some periodical maintenance schedules were extended, and unexpected troubles took place over the country.

Every year, the period from May to June has been expended for the inventory in addition to the regular delivery preparing for the summer season to have the peak of demand, but they say that it is difficult to even secure the procurement of the dry ice for the deliveries coming soon.

Manufacturers, therefore were forced to control their deliveries by means of postponing the schedule or reducing the quantity of lots scheduled for shipment to some users or filling stations. As the LCO2 to produce dry ice was so suddenly transferred for general products that there were some manufacturers who halved the delivery of dry ice at maximum.

From the end of June, some production bases will end their turnaround and recover their regular pace but are destined to enter into the peak of demand. An unpredictable situation may last at any rate.