Delta CleanTech yesterday (18th March) confirmed its strategic focus on carbon capture.

The announcement follows the company’s acquisition of the carbon capture and solvent reclaiming division and operating assets of HTC Extraction Systems (HTC).

In addition to the acquisition, Delta CleanTech has also raised $7.5m to increase its commercial capacity to offer its clean technology product offering from its new Calgary headquarters.

“With the recent downturn in the oil and gas business in Alberta, energy services contractors are now seeing CO2 capture and solvent reclaiming as a logical extension to their existing energy equipment fabricating services business,” said Jeff Allison, President of Delta CleanTech.

“There has been a recent surge in new CO2 capture projects, and these new projects are being driven by increased carbon taxes, environmental and social governance (ESG) requirements, and increased CO2 mitigation funding provided by both the Alberta and Canadian Governments. We expect to see this trend continue.”

“Delta intends to maintain its leadership position in CO2 capture in Alberta and beyond. We recognise how crucial this function is not only to our industry and community, but also to the world at large. We are living through a transformational point in history, and we are excited to be leading the way into a cleaner and more sustainable future,” he added.