Delta F, a division of the Servomex Group Limited as recently as November 2010, has introduced the DF-745SG Trace Moisture Analyser for a range of specialty gas applications.

The DF-745SG device brings the extraordinary capabilities of Delta F’s 700 Series to applications in the specialty gas industry, as well as allied applications requiring the accurate measurement of trace moisture levels in gas mixtures.

Optimised for measuring moisture in a specialty gas stream, the DF-745SG utilises the latest Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDL) technology and delivers exceptionally accurate moisture level readings with a performance enhanced by drift free operation, low maintenance and low calibration advantages.

This combination of high sensitivity-100ppb low detection limit with a broad range of 0.1ppm - 100ppm means that specialty gas plant owners and operators can now harness the power of a ‘state-of-the-art’ moisture analyser to improve operator efficiency, increase plant throughput, and improve yields.

At the heart of the DF-745SG is powerful application software specifically designed for blending specialty gases involving single gases and mixtures with up to eight components.

With a database of 13 standard background gases, the user can pre-define gas mixture templates for routine blends or define a custom mixture using the front control panel. Users can also add custom gases to the database using a simple data collection procedure.

The DF-745SG stores detailed data that identifies the components and volumes in a mixture as well as the date, time and moisture content of the blend. This data can be displayed on the analyser’s built-in data screen or downloaded via USB drive as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet report.

The DF-745SG is available in a 19-inch rack mount suitable for a fixed system and is light enough for cart or other mobile applications. The analyser can be quickly moved from port to port courtesy of isolation hardware and software routines that virtually eliminate long dry down times often associated with these applications.