DeMaCo, a specialist in cryo and vacuum technology has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.
The company was founded in 1960 by Theo Dekker. Throughout the early stages of its lifetime, DeMaCo focused on three product groups; machinery, steel structures and industrial heating. During 1983 the group reduced concentration on steel structures and industrial heating, to focus instead on the Product Group Cryogenics.
By 1989, DeMaCo had established a partner group, the Product Group Vacuum Technology. 2006 saw divestment of the Product Group Machinery and focus narrowed to Cryo and Vacuum Technology.
DeMaCo, now offers a full service Cryo Integrator with the capabilities in design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, packing, delivery, installation and commissioning. The company operates within several international markets including, (petro) chemical, gas, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical, electronics, research, university, food and space.