Den Hartogh Logistics is a Dutch-based Logistics Service Provider specialised in liquids and gas and with a strong European network.

With 1100 employees, a fleet of over 3000 tank containers and more than 600 trailers, Den Hartogh delivers safe and reliable logistics services to the chemical industry and has a €230m turnover - with healthy returns and a sound financial base.

In 2004 Den Hartogh Gas Logistics started its gas activities. Nowadays this separate business unit has its own fleet of trucks, trailers and tank containers. Throughout Europe, it delivers (Intermodal) transport and distribution, rental services and fleet management, including maintenance and repair services.

Den Hartogh Logistics is a centrally-managed organisation based in Rozenburg, near Rotterdam, but boasts a local presence and expertise in almost every European country.

The company’s Gas division is managed by René van der Werff and Hans Kok, where the focus on commercial and operational activities is divided between the two.

Technical expertise is derived from the centralised Den Hartogh Technical Service Centre with dedicated specialists, while the management team is supported by a network of commercial managers and operational centres in Europe, in Germany, France, Belgium, Poland and Hungary.

Services to industry
Den Hartogh Gas Logistics works in the petrochemical industry with blue chip petrochemicals companies in Europe, while in the air-gas industry it cooperates with the most important Tier 1 players in the market – for whom it delivers trucking, equipment and other fleet management services.

Each and every vehicle is equipped with satellite communication equipment which ensures that each driver is in continuous contact with his base, allowing real time data and information transfer both from and to the Den Hartogh and client’s computer systems.

This allows order, loading, delivery and flowmeter data to be transparently transferred – from system to system. In addition, this equipment facilitates real time geographic tracking & tracing, which is directly available to the client or even their clients if desired.

Den Hartogh delivers a powerful transport management system as well as an integrated maintenance module, but also provides customers with tailor made management reporting of performance, maintenance costs and stock.

Young in spirit and open to customer demands & creative solutions, the company recognises that on-time deliveries are of course an important driver and proudly achieved 99.6% on time deliveries in 2008.

Reinforcing this impeccable delivery service is the company’s planned investment programme for the coming years, whereby Den Hartogh will invest in intermodal solutions using an extensive network of more than 20 depots in 16 countries.

“There is a growing demand for intermodal solutions in gas logistics,” the company notes. To that end, Den Hartogh can today deliver transport services in liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid argon and carbon dioxide (CO2) containers in any European country. There is also a back-up possibility by road with its own fleet of CO2 trailers.

Affirming its commitment to the gases business, the company told gasworld, “It is Den Hartogh’s ambition to grow its Gas activities in the coming years in close dialogue with both existing and new customers. Upcoming markets in Eastern Europe and Russia are important, but so too are the traditional markets in Western Europe.”

“Next year there will be an increase in our deepsea activities, starting with the Mediterranean countries and Middle East. Den Hartogh wants to add value and is ready to invest in solutions.”

Safety & accreditation
Safety, flexibility and reliability are the key words when it comes to the execution of Den Hartogh’s services.

Family owned and managed with both dedication and ambition, for Den Hartogh, safety comes first.

All of the company’s more than 600 drivers are BBS trained in its own in-house training institute, where employees receive tailor made training. The company is also ISO and SQAS certified.