The previously European and CIS focused firm, Den Hartogh Logistics recently articulated its plans to expand operations right across the globe.

Pieter den Hartogh, owner of the firm, outlined the company’s plans, “Now is the time for the company to grow further into a global logistical operator role for bulk liquid chemicals and gases, thus being good news for chemical shippers and the Den Hartogh Logistics organisation. Following the global expansion of chemical shippers, this is a natural development for a company which has seen considerable growth over the past 10 years in Europe.”

The global transport operation will be organised as a separate business unit, called Den Hartogh Global, with its headquarters in The Netherlands. From this base all global traffic to and from Europe, Middle East and Africa will be served. Meanwhile, Den Hartogh will serve the America’s using a Houston site, similarly operations in Asia Pacific will be co-ordinated from Singapore and Shangai.

For supporting activities, the existing functions of Den Hartogh Logistics, like fleet management and administration, will be used. This is designed to ensure the use of synergies between intermodal and global transport logistics combining a European network with a Global network.

The company plans to develop existing global volume during 2011. In order to support the growth of the business, a new build program for ISO tank containers has been approved. The tanks are scheduled for delivery in 2011, 2012 and 2013. By 2015, Den Hartogh hopes to operate a fleet of around 5,000 tank containers across the globe.