Den Hartogh Logistics, a family business responsible for around 2500 bulk gas and chemical transportations every week, has signed a covenant, proving the firm’s green credentials.

On 12th July 2011, Den Hartogh became one of the first transport companies to gain the trust of the Dutch Transport and Water Management Inspectorate (IVW).

Pieter den Hartogh, Group Managing Director of Den Hartogh Logistics expressed his enthusiasm at the news. He commented, “This is good news for us. Regular consultation and good cooperation with IVW will enable us to raise the compliance with laws and regulation within our company to an even higher level.”

Hartogh added, “Only by cooperation and exchange of knowledge can we realise innovative ideas. Therefore, working on improvement together is the basic idea as far as we are concerned.”

The enforcement covenants are hoped to reduce the number of inspections at companies with a covenant that has been concluded. Covenants such as this include detailed arrangement about compliance with laws and regulations reduction of the number of inspections and extension of the services being rendered. Only companies with a good assessment qualify for such a covenant.

Den Hartogh Logistics has successfully passed an audit to prove that it has above-average control of its systems, processes and methods with respect to assuring compliance with laws and regulations. In addition, the logistic service provider does not have a negative profile with other (inspection) authorities, another condition to qualify for the covenant.

Den Hartogh was established in 1920 and boasts 27 branches.