An event highlighting the importance of applying fuel cell buses for the future of clean green public transport will be held in Copenhangan next month.

The first fuel cell bus event in Denmark will also discuss the many advantages of introducing fuel cell buses into the public transport sector.

Buses in public transport are a significant source of pollution, impacting local air quality and global carbon emissions. Replacing diesel buses with zero emission fuel cell buses can generate significant environmental and health benefits.

The event, titled FCB CPH17, will introduce competitive fuel cell and hydrogen solutions ready to implement in the public transport sector, as well as the many advantages of introducing fuel cell buses in the public transport sector.

Thomas Gyldal Petersen, Mayor of Herlev, and Chairman of Movia, will be opening FCB CPH17. The event will furthermore bring together national and international experts such as David Yorke, Project Manager at Tower Transit London, and Ben Madden, Director at Element Energy. They will present business cases and lessons learned from current fuel cell bus deployments throughout Europe. At the event, it will also be possible for the participants to test-drive a Solaris fuel cell bus.

Organised by Ballard Europe, Nel Hydrogen, Solaris, Brintbrancher and Hydrogen Valley, FCB CPH17 will be held on 12th September.