Dessert Mountain Energy has encountered gas in multiple zones of its first wildcat exploratory well in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin, the Canadian company said today.

The helium content and composition of the gaseous mixture in the well remains unknown at this time, pending final well completion operations.

Complete laboratory gas analysis for helium and other gases will be undertaken at that time, together with studies of estimated flow production levels.

“It is very encouraging to have encountered a high level of controlled gas flows during our drilling and casing setting operations,” said Robert Rohlfing, Executive Vice-President of Exploration and Head of Technical Operations at Desert Mountain Energy.

“However, the presence and amount of helium in the gaseous mixture has not yet been determined.”

“Going forward, our team will be reviewing all of the geophysical data from this well and making strategic recommendations based on that data.”

Drilling at the 2354ft deep well begun on 17th June.