A 'designer staple of society' is to be launched in America in the form of a new drink.

Produced by Fire Mountain Beverage Company, the new product line has been called FIVE O2, which stands for Flavour Infused Vitamin Enriched with Oxygen.

The drink is an oxygenated, flavoured water product with vitamins, which has been developed in four initial flavours - lemon, tropical, berry and mango. It is to be launched to the western part of the US and marketed as the latest health drink, enhancing the immune system by enhancing nutrition.

Sandra Thomas of Product Development said: \\$quot;It brings together an original designer product that has both oxygen and vitamins into the marketplace. It is exciting to see this product that captures the best attributes of a designer beverage come to fruition for FRBV. I expect this product to be well-received based on the research that we have conducted. I believe that this product will become a designer staple of society.\\$quot;

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