Linde joined forces with its strategic alliance partner, Roy Smith Company, at the Michigan Minority Procurement Conference & Opportunity (MMPC) fair recently to showcase its applications technology using carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the manufacture of automotive parts.

Emphasising the theme, “Diversity Matters,” the fair was held in early May at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan. It is the state’s largest business trade fair, focusing specifically on the capabilities of minority-owned businesses (MBEs) and the areas of need for the country’s top corporations.

Jim Stanley, program manager-Industrial Applications for Linde, said, “It was a great event for both companies. Roy Smith is well known among the manufacturers as well as the first-, second- and third-tier suppliers to the automotive industry. This fair gave Linde the opportunity to highlight several CO2- and nitrogen-based process applications for plastic automotive and consumer product parts that lower costs while increasing productivity and quality.”

Roy Smith Company, located in Detroit, Michigan, was established in 1924 and is a leading supplier of turnkey bulk industrial gas systems, a broad range of cylinder gases, welding equipment and supplies, as well as safety and industrial products.  Linde’s network of supply locations throughout the US also assists Roy Smith Company to extend its reach to its customers in various parts of the country.

Peter Wong, president of Roy Smith Company, said, “This is a great partnership that has confirmed our mission to provide solutions to our customers’ needs, such as world-class products, technical expertise, national coverage capabilities and small business flexibilities. Linde’s partnership with us goes well beyond the responsibility of supporting a minority supplier; but a true partnership resulting in win-win solutions to our customers. Linde’s participation with us at the MMPC fair is a perfect example of Linde’s commitment to our partnership and their dedication to the diversity initiative.”

The value added technologies Linde highlighted at the fair include:

  • Gas-assist injection molding (GAIM), using carbon dioxide or nitrogen to push the molten plastic against the mold surface, thus allowing it to sustain an adequate mold cure and increased production rates.
  • Cryoclean®, an environmentally friendly cleaning system created specifically for cleaning component surfaces prior to painting or coating. Using carbon dioxide snow reduces water and energy usage, lowers investment and operating costs, and reduces the number of processing steps required.
  • Precisely engineered carbon dioxide spot mold cooling systems help substantially reduce the cost of injection molded parts. Manufacturers can inexpensively add injection-molding capacity without major modifications. CO2 spot cooling aids in temperature reduction at mold hotspots and helps achieve more uniform cooling across the part geometry, critical for injection-molded parts quality, mold-release performance, and reduced cycle times by up to 50%.