As one of the leading producers of industrial gases in the Middle East, the Gulf Cryo group is conducting a research program to develop new process applications for its products in a variety of industries and has also announced fresh developments with its network of subsidiaries.

Launching the first ‘Applied Research & Development Centre’ (AR&D) in the region at the group’s Kuwait Oxygen premises in Kuwait, the company’s new strategy is to explore new markets by promoting its latest applications for gases and the AR&D Centre is a key tool to achieving this.

The new facility will serve as a permanent exhibition to display and demonstrate applications such as oxy-fuel combustion, dry ice shot blasting, odour control using pure oxygen, oxygen enhanced wastewater treatment, and liquid nitrogen deep freezing, to potential clients. The grand opening of the new facility is expected to take place in mid 2008.

Meanwhile, Gulf Cryo has announced the goals of its newly established subsidiary Cryo Lease and notes that plans are underway for a new company formation in the Middle East, named Gulf Medical Gases.

The Cryolease company is a subsidiary of Gulf Cryo and was established back in 2006, with the firm registered in Kuwait and conducting international operations from its Dubai office. The vision of the company is to become a worldwide leader in the Leasing and Logistic Management of a fleet of ISO cryogenic tanks both 10ft & 20ft in size. The company currently has a fleet of over 50 cryogenic tanks and more new builds are believed to be on order, while its focus is to provide support to the oilfield services companies in the Asia Pacific, Central Asia and Middle East regions.

Gulf Medical Gases is the latest company project the group has underway and will offer a complete line of pure medical gases in both liquid form and high-pressure cylinders. Gulf Cryo expects to offer more news of this development in the near future.