It is unquestionable that digital change is coming and e-commerce is gaining traction, the question is whether the gases industry will deliver the solution itself or rely on B2B platforms from outside.

That’s the view of Dr. Cornelia Klaubert, Manager of gasido and a former industrial gas professional with The Linde Group.

gasido is a German-based B2B platform for industrial gases that enables providers and customers to work together more efficiently.

Established last year (2017), the platform allows small customers to compare, select and purchase gas both directly and 24/7 in three easy steps. For larger customers, functionality is being developed that supports the call for tender process, reducing the effort required to spend to receive and evaluate tender documents.

As part of an upcoming feature on smart industry and digitisation, gasworld spoke with Dr. Klaubert, about e-commerce in the gases business and the role of digitisation in the industry in the future.

She sees a transformation already in progress and commented, “The advantage is clearly to stay connected with the customers. I think it is unquestionable that the digital change is coming. For me the only question is if the solution is coming out of the industrial gases industry itself, or if another B2B platform that serves similar user groups will take over the business.”


Source: gasido

“The disadvantage – I would call it better the ‘homework’ that has to be done by the industry – is to redefine pricing methods and sales structures. So how to transfer a sales force from people driving in a car to a customer, into agents that define sales processes in a CRM, analyse keywords and click rates, and create relevant content to keep customers attracted.”

In a wide-ranging interview, Dr. Klaubert explained that gasido has been confronted with a lot of concerns and has been given a ‘hard time’ by the market, but is nonetheless building momentum.

“We keep on gaining traction,” she said. “Our product portfolio has more than 1,300 products and we are expanding our provider base.”

“In the last month, we have signed a contract with Air Liquide, which now offers ALbee via gasido. We were also chosen as one of five start-ups to become part of the Next Commerce Accelerator Program in Hamburg, Germany. And in August, a new version of gasido will go live with a new look, more features, and an enhanced UX.”

gasido also plans to offer additional features in the future, such as interfaces and business analytics that enable both customers and providers to extend their reach and reduce process costs.

gasworld will publish Part 4 of its Smart Industry Series, titled Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrency and e-commerce, in its upcoming September 2018 edition.