Air Liquide has been chosen to help with the launch of Disneyland Paris’ PanoraMagique, the largest captive balloon in the world.

6000 m3 of helium will be supplied to inflate the balloon PanoraMagique at the Disneyland Resort in Paris. The design properties of the balloon, combined with the helium will allow it to reach an altitude of 100 meters in a few minutes. Visitors boarding the PanaroMagique will be able to see an all-round 20-kilometer view of the resort.

Didier Gaudoux, Managing Director of Gas and Services France, says the deal is a good way to familiarise Air Liquide with the general public, “Air Liquide is very pleased to offer its wide experience with this rare gas, which will contribute to providing new sensations for visitors to Disneyland Resort Paris, and to making our activities better known to the general public. In addition to supplying 6000 cubic meters of gas to inflate this technologically advanced balloon, we will be working alongside Aérophile to apply our specific know-how and advisory assistance”.

Helium is a non-flammable gas enhancing passenger safety. It is also an ecological gas that does not affect the environment or the ozone layer.