Assurance and risk management expert DNV will join forces with Norway’s Equinor to develop software intended to increase safety in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The partnership arrives at a time when global industry is focusing heavily on the development of sustainable solutions to aid in the energy transition. 

The two companies will work together for the next three years to develop DNV’s KFX CO2 computation fluid dynamics (CFD) software to help mitigate consequences in the event of an accident related to CCS technology. 

By simulating accidental releases of carbon dioxide (CO2) from storage facilities or leaks from pipelines, trucks, or ships, the software uses complex thermodynamics – involved in dry ice formation and sublimation of CO2 – and the interaction between geometry and terrain, to generate methods of increasing safety. 

Calling it important for not only for DNV and Equinor, but for society as a whole, Kenneth Vareide, CEO, DNV’s Digital Solutions, added, “CCS is an important part of the transition to a low-carbon economy where safe operations are based on accurate, detailed and extensively validated simulations.” 

KFX software was acquired by DNV in 2017, with Equinor being a key partner in development of the software for 25 years.