Twenty-eight projects are to benefit from $38m worth of Department of Energy (DOE) funding to support early-stage research and development of innovative hydrogen (H2) and fuel cell technologies.

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announced the selection of projects whilst touring the Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

“As an energy carrier, H2 can help unite all of our nation’s abundant fossil, nuclear and renewable energy resources. It is part of the Department’s diverse energy portfolio focused on providing affordable, reliable energy to American families and businesses,” he said.

This work also supports the DOE’s H2 @Scale initiative to produce and use H2 across multiple energy sectors.

Selections for this investment focus on key early-stage technical challenges related to non-precious metal catalysts, fuel cell membranes, reversible fuel cells, and electrolysers to produce H2, as well as innovative concepts to improve efficiency and lower costs of H2 vehicle refuelling infrastructure.

Selections span three topic areas:

  • · Topic 1: Platinum Free Catalysts to Lower Fuel Cell Costs
  • · Topic 2: H2 @Scale: Hydrogen Production and Delivery Infrastructure Research
  • · Topic 3: Innovative Fuel Cell Concepts

View the full list of selected projects here.