The Uk’s University of Birmingham today announced the creation of a new Policy Commission on cold, entitled ‘Doing Cold Smarter’.

It will explore how the UK can become a leader in the burgeoning, clean cold industry; how the provision of cold can be transformed through new technology; and how cold infrastructure should be delivered at a national and international level.

The provision of cold is a vital foundation of modern society – from medicine and chilled food, to data centres and air conditioning. The UK already spends around £5.2bn per year, across the nation’s energy grid and transport network, to keep people and products cold. 

Globally, the demand for cold is expected to boom. The European Commission estimates that the EU’s cooling needs will increase by 72% by 2030. India, is forecast to invest $15bn in new cold chain infrastructure in the next five years. The number of refrigerated lorries on the roads is expected to more than double to 9.6 million by 2025.

Dearman is at the heart of an emerging technology sector, which is developing new sustainable solutions to meet global demand for cooling, and it will play a leading role in the commission.  

Discussing the announcement, Michael Ayres, Group Managing Director, Dearman said, “The world faces a stark choice. We either address the rocketing need for cooling using traditional fossil fuelled machinery and live with the environmental consequences. Or we adopt new thinking, invest in emerging technologies and reap the economic and environmental benefits. University of Birmingham is taking the lead, bringing global leaders in the fields of energy, the environment and industry together to identify how the UK can establish leadership in clean cold.”  

He added, “At Dearman we are developing and delivering zero-emission technologies that use liquid air to provide power and lots of cold. We can play a part in addressing increasing international demand for sustainable cooling. However, to maximise the positive impact that we and other innovative British companies can have on the environment and the economy, it’s essential that the right conditions are put in place. This Commission will go a long way towards making that happen.”  

The ‘Doing Cold Smarter’ Commission will invite leaders from Government, academia, NGOs and industry to present evidence and expertise, culminating in a report to be published in October 2015.

It will be chaired by Lord Teverson, and led by Professor Toby Peters, Visiting Professor in Power and Cold Economy at University of Birmingham and Senior Group Managing Director of Dearman. 

Dearman’s technology uniquely harnesses liquid air to provide zero-emission cold and power for the transport, food and built environment industries. At the heart of its technology portfolio is the Dearman engine, which uses liquid air to produce both power and cooling without any harmful emissions, such as NOx and particulates.