Expert turnkey project company IGAS is currently deep in designing a mobile cylinder filling system, after Dominion recently awarded the company a ‘turnkey’ contract for its first such system.

The project requires a mobile multiple-container based Cylinder Filling System design, for use across various remote geographies and to support Dominion’s oil, gas and diving clients.

To be designed by IGAS following the contract award earlier this year, the filling system will fill empty cylinders with high pressure compressed gas from liquid cryogenic sources, via pumping (or compressor in the case of helium) and ambient gas vaporisation.

Currently such filling systems are not available as some of the technical challenges have been considered insurmountable, and as such pre-filled cylinders are transported great distances – often at great cost too.

Considered to be unique, the project undertaken by IGAS will include design of the full system (process, mechanical, electrical & control), supply of nitrogen container system, oxygen container system, helium compressor container and analysis & cylinder filling container, as well as the installation of all equipment required and modular commissioning & testing.

IGAS notes that it was chosen by Dominion due to its experience in delivering cylinder filling technology and turnkey projects throughout Europe and beyond; and cost effective and advanced technology and design.