Dominion Technology Gases Limited (DTGL) has secured future expansion plans and created more jobs with a major boost in its contract with offshore giant ChevronTexaco.

Industrial cylinder gases specialist Dominion has seen its contract extended for three years with a total value of around £400,000 compared with about £75,000 the previous year. Dominion's General Manager Paul McAlister said that the contract would almost certainly lead to more jobs at its Dyce headquarters.

The new agreement will see a 50 percent increase in the volume of gases supplied to ChevronTexaco as provision is extended to cover the Alba Northern platform as well as the Captain and Erskine facilities.

The gases will be used in testing, medical, process, laboratory, purging and blanketing operations.

The extension follows Dominion’s four-year expansion program and £2million investment in production and maintenance, and in securing the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) ISO 17025 standard.

Dominion's success has also been attributed to its cylinder asset tracking system (CATS), which allows ChevronTexaco offshore installations 24-hour Internet access to records of precise cylinder inventories, movements and certifications.

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