Dominion Gas has officially launched its Portable Gas Transfill System (PGTS) at its new Aberdeen South facility.

Just six months after awarding IGAS Technology Solutions a turnkey contract for a mobile filling system, Dominion Gas has officially launched its PGTS, and invited gasworld to see a full working demonstration.

The unit comprises a set of transportable containerised modules, which connect together allowing cylinders/quads to be filled with compressed gas mixtures for helium, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

The system is a world first, and enables Dominion to establish a gas plant on its client's site anywhere in the world.

The ingenious unit can be erected in a matter of days, thereby mitigating unwanted logistics burden and costs associated with moving gas cylinders over large distances for refilling.

Russel Davies, Projects Director at Dominion Gas spoke exclusively to gasworld about the new transfill system, “This is an exciting development for Dominion Gas, where instead of the customer having to come to Dominion for gas, we can now take gas to the customer.”

“This new PGTS will soon be deployed in West Africa, which is seen as a strategic area for Dominion, and we plan to deploy further systems around the world in the future.”