Aberdeen-based oilfield services company Dominion Gas has announced ambitious plans to open a new gas plant in Ghana, West Africa, and an office in Perth, Australia.

Despite the global economic crisis, the company is clearly still ‘hungry for success’ and focused on ambitious expansion plans, as revealed in an exclusive with gasworld magazine in recent months.

The firm anticipates that investment in the West Africa site will exceed £1.5m and intends for the plant to be operational by June 2009. The Ghana plant will act as a hub, allowing the company to better service the surrounding oil producing countries including Nigeria and Angola.

Dominion Gas Project Director Russel Davies, who is responsible for delivering the project, explained, “Opening a plant in Ghana is a major step in Dominion Gas’s plans for expansion. Within the first year we expect to recruit an additional 5 members of staff, many of whom will be indigenous Ghanaian residents.”

The new plant will have the capabilities to produce the complete range of gasses required by the oil and gas industry. And with onsite laboratory facilities, every batch of gas that is produced can be analysed and certified before being delivered to customers.

Dominion Gas’ Business Development Director Paul McAlister said, “There is a lot of exciting activity in the West African region at the moment and some fantastic opportunities for proven businesses such as Dominion.$quot;

$quot;By opening a plant close to some of our existing client’s activities we will be able to add further value to their own business and greatly improve the services we provide and hopefully attract a range of new customers.”

Promising locations
The newly announced sales office in Perth, Australia is cited as a result of increasing business for Dominion Gas products within the Asia Pacific region, and also those of subsidiary company Argon Isotanks.

The firm recently expanded its products and services into the liquid, cryogenic, chemical and acid tank business with the acquisition of Argon Isotanks in November 2008.

Keen to build upon its turnover in excess of £22m and worldwide locations in Baku, Singapore, West Africa, Norway and corporate headquarters in Aberdeen, Dominion Gas has also revealed plans to open further offices and gas plants within the next 12 months.

The company specified the Middle East, Latin America and the US as the most promising locations.