Dominion Gas, Scotland’s only oil field service company supplying a full range of diving, welding, industrial, laboratory, test and calibration gases, has announced further investment in the UK and Norwegian markets at a level of around £4m.

The investment in a number of assets is a sign of the company’s growth and demonstrates the further strengthening of its supply chain solutions.

Most recently contracts have been awarded to Ritchie’s for supply of quad frames, Norris for new cylinders and Gardner Cryogenics for Dominion Gas’ new helium road tankers, as well as a number of smaller contract awards to various local companies for a range of associated equipment fittings.

Dominion Gas has also recently completed a deal with a north-east haulage firm ARR Craib for two trailer vehicles which display the Dominion Gas livery, set to operate across the length and breadth of the UK and also in Norway.

Speaking of the investments, Dominion Gas Chief Executive George Yule said, “As a massive vote of confidence in the UK and Norwegian North Sea cylinder gases market, Dominion Gas has just completed a £4m investment in a number of assets, aimed at underpinning the company’s growth and putting initiatives in place to further strengthen the company’s supply chain solutions.”

North sea still alive
Yule added, “This most recent set of contract awards by Dominion Gas further underlines the company’s intent to further develop our current levels of business in both the UK and Norway, in parallel with our ambitions across various other international locations.”

“It sends out a clear message to any sceptics who believe that the North Sea is past it’s ‘sell-by’ date and the team at Dominion Gas want our clients in this important area to recognise that we are here to support them achieve their own business objectives over the long term.”

Dominion Gas is enjoying significant growth, both in the North Sea and in its target markets overseas, and will shortly be unveiling a range of new product lines together with opening the company’s own gas fill facilities in the Middle East and Africa later this year.

As an independent supplier of diving and industrial gases to the global offshore industry, Dominion Gas has a turnover in excess of £20m, representing a 4-fold increase over the past 2 years. The company now employs 75 staff worldwide with offices in Baku, Singapore, West Africa, Norway and headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland.