A transparent online tracking system for customers to check their cylinder movements and to save money, time and reduce risk has been introduced by Dominion Technology Gases with their CATS system.

The constant turnover of equipment in the offshore gas industry can lead to problems if your company is a user of industrial cylinder gases. Equipment can be lost or misdirected; stock can be difficult to locate; records and certificates can be hard to find; and resulting invoices can be a nightmare to sort out.

But Dominions Technology Gases, an Aberdeen-based industrial cylinder gas specialist has harnessed a new technology to help clients save thousands of pounds and locate every cylinder at any time with the click of the mouse.

Dominion’s cylinder asset tracking system (CATS) uses a unique barcode and serial number on each cylinder to track its movement from delivery to return. CATS also offer total transparency, giving customers 24-hour access to the CATS web portal so that all records and transactions are available anytime.

Not only does the CATS system allow you to track the cylinder, but also access to equipment maintenance and certification records, allowing customers to return equipment on-shore before lift certification expires, saving test and certification costs. The portal also provides sales orders, quotations and account access allowing self-billing to save paperwork and administration time.

Amongst the companies to adopt the CATS technology are Marathon Oil, CheveronTexaco and Subsea 7.

Commenting on the CATS, Subsea 7 logistics coordinator Grant Campbell said, \\$quot;There are other companies that do barcode tracking, but they don’t give customers access to the web portal. CATS is totally transparent and tells us where we think we’ll find the cylinders.\\$quot;

A ChervronTexaco spokesperson said, \\$quot;The tracking system has enhanced our ability to monitor not only the cylinders, but also the gases and their end of life expiry dates.\\$quot;

For more information, visit Dominion Technology Gases at www.dominion-gas.com