domnick hunter has recently revealed its new and improved nitrogen gas generator. The generator gives new levels of performance, reliability and efficiency.

Over the years, domnick hunter has seen various improvements in product innovation based on customer feedback and a general trend in the market place towards nitrogen generators.

The new MAXIGAS generator uses pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology to separate nitrogen molecules from normal compressed air and produce quality nitrogen gas with purities up to 10 parts per million (ppm) as standard.

MAXIGAS is used for laser cutting, electronics, and metal heat treatment applications, where large amounts of nitrogen gas are required. The system also benefits other industries including food and beverage processing with the cost per cubic metre of nitrogen gas lowered by up to 90 per cent.

Bill Zorlutuna, market sector manager, said: "Reliability was our key consideration during this new product development, therefore comprehensive endurance testing of components and pressure testing has been undertaken. We are confident that MAXIGAS is the world\\$quot;s most efficient nitrogen generator."

domnick hunter\\$quot;s on-site gas generation technology has been adopted by Arch Chemicals BV at its Dublin copper and zinc omadine manufacturing facility.

After installing a trial MAXIGAS unit, the company concluded that it could achieve substantial cost savings and still maintain nitrogen quality by using the \\$quot;˜reliable\\$quot; pressure swing technology.

In addition to the cost savings, Arch has also benefited from space-saving after the removal of its bulk liquid nitrogen tank. A small multi-cylinder pack has been installed to provide emergency back up gas supply in the \\$quot;˜unlikely\\$quot; event of generator failure.

domnick hunter has produced another solution to improve the purity of nitrogen gas. The DEOXO solution is for applications that have a large demand for high purity nitrogen such as metal heat treatments where nitrogen is used to reduce oxidation by blanketing furnaces.

The solution is housed in a durable cabinet and includes hydrogen cell technology. Nitrogen with a purity of 1 per cent, generated by the MAXIGAS nitrogen generator, is input to the DEOXO unit, where hydrogen is created from deionised water, the reaction removes trace oxygen to give output nitrogen purity of 5ppm.

DEOXO gives huge cost savings compared to bulk liquid nitrogen. Although high demand applications have previously used multi-banked MAXIGAS generators, resulting in long-term cost saving. DEOXO gives substantial costs savings compared to the multi-banking of 60 per cent.

Bill Zorlutuna, said: "DEOXO opens new markets for domnick hunter, we can now supply applications that would have previously been dependent on very costly bulk liquid nitrogen and these customers will gain all of the advantages afforded by on-site nitrogen generation including increased control of supply for increased production efficiencies."

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