Doosan Corporation has announced the start of its hydrogen (H2) fuel cell installation at Daesan Green Energy Fuel Cell Power Plant.

The fuel cell solutions company, that designs, manufactures and installs clean, efficient and reliable fuel cells, was selected as the fuel cell supplier for a H2 fuel cell project developed by Daesan Green Energy, an SPC (special purpose company) formed by Korea East-West Power and Hanwha Energy as major shareholders.

The 50 MW Doosan Fuel Cell system supplied to the Daesan Green Energy Fuel Cell Power Plant will be the world’s first large-scale fuel cell utilising H2 by-product during operation. Upon completion of its construction in 2020, the fuel cell power plant will contribute 400,000 MWh of electricity annually, powering 160,000 local homes each year.

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Source: Doosan Corporation

The project is significant in in its utilisation of H2 generated as a by-product of chemical processes in petrochemical complexes for commercial use. H2 by-product is generated by various industries worldwide, and countries like China and India are showing great interest in developing fuel cell power plants which utilise this by-product H2. Based on their generation of H2 by-product, it is estimated that in Korea and China, the capacity for fuel cell utilisation is roughly 3.5 GW and 1GW respectively.

This H2 fuel cell does not generate any air pollutants, but instead filters up to PM2.5(1 micron) through a microfilter system installed within the fuel cell, purifying air equivalent to the annual volume of air breathed by 350,000 people.

In some developed countries preparing for the H2 economy, such governments are actively supporting the H2 fuel cell industry; however, these efforts have been limited to demonstration levels of less than 1MW and have yet to be actualised in commercial generation facilities.

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Source: Doosan Corporation

The commercialisation of this 50 MW of H2 fuel cell power project is a critical turning point for the H2 economy and is garnering attention from the United States, China, Japan, and countries in the EU.

The project is also significant for Doosan Corporation, as the fuel cell system will be its largest deployment since entering the fuel cell market.

A company official stated, “We will continue to expand our presence in Korea and overseas through Doosan’s technological competitive advantage in the by- product H2 fuel cell market as well.”