By the end of July, the national company Ukraine Neftegasat had accumulated 25.5 billion cubic metres of natural gas in an underground storehouse of such gases.

The Press Bureau of the country's Fuel and Energy Ministry referred to the supply during an interview with minister Mr. Yuri Bojko. $quot;There are 25.5 billion cubic metres today in underground storehouse already. This is twice as much than last year upon the same date,$quot; reported Mr.Bojko.

Mr.Bojko added, that by the beginning of the heating season there will be up to 31.5 billion cubic metres of fuel accumulated in the underground storehouse.
$quot;This is most index for the last 10 and 15 years. For comparison, on a year all of Ukraine consumes 75 billion cubic metres. That our supply will cover the almost half-year necessity of all state in gas,$quot; a minister remarked.

In 2006 in underground storage of gas stood at 17.7 billion cubic metres of gas, of the permissible accumulated 25.5 billion at the beginning of the heating season on 15th October 2007.

The network of $quot;Ukrtransgas$quot; consists of 36,000km of mains gas pipelines, serving 71 compressor stations and 12 underground gas storehouses by the general capacity 30 billion cubic metres.