Hangzhou Fortune recently announced that the second phase of the Xinxingsheng Energy Co. Ltd project in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, which includes a 500,000 Nm3/d LNG plant, has been successfully completed.

Hangzhou Fortune is responsible for the design of the process package, all of the plant’s process equipment, the design and manufacture of non-standard process equipment, as well as the procurement of control systems and electrical systems, project management, commissioning and training, and other technical support services.

The project lasted for one year, starting from the delivery of equipment in March 2014.

In October 2014, all the static equipment and machines were tested individually, and in April 2015 the whole plant was tested, with first product achieved on 25th April.


Meanwhile another recent development in LNG by a Chinese company occurred when CIMC Sanctum–a subsidiary of CIMC Enric–became the first Chinese cryogenic equipment manufacturer to get E-mark certification for its LNG onboard cylinders.

Certification means that the company is now authorised to provide its LNG onboard cylinders to the European market. As understood, according to the European Economic Commission regulations and the provisions of EU directives, cars, motorcycles and a variety of components and systems must be certified to meet the basic requirements of traffic safety and environmental protection to enter the European market.

A CIMC Sanctum press release says that acquiring such certification is ‘solid proof’ of the safety and quality of the products and is ‘good progress in developing overseas markets’.