Air Liquide Industrial US LP (ALIUS) has acquired the Galva, Iowa carbon dioxide and dry ice assets of Ramsgate Corporation, strengthening the company’s dry ice capacity in the region and the services it is able to offer its customers.

ALIUS is the subsidiary of American Air Liquide Holdings Inc, responsible for providing bulk gases and related services to industrial customers in the US, and this announcement follows ALIUS’s recent revelation of the expansion of its dry ice production in the Eastern US.

Etienne Lepoutre, president of Air Liquide Industrial US LP, commented, “The acquisition will more than double our dry ice capacity in this region. This strengthened position will allow ALIUS to increase its services for food processing and cold transport applications.”

ALIUS is the subsidiary responsible for Air Liquide’s operations in North America and meanwhile, has also recently announced price increases for bulk and packaged gases including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

Oxygen and nitrogen are increasing by 10% and argon, hydrogen and carbon dioxide by 15%, effective immediately and attributable to many factors such as equipment and distribution costs.

Kim Denney, president of Air Liquide America LP, explained, “Production and transportation costs as well as rising demand and tightened supply have made it necessary to increase prices to facilitate continuation of reliable supply to customers.”

Cylinder rental costs will rise by 6% and monthly facility fees including fees for tanks are due to increase 30-50% too.