DSI Freezing Solutions A/S has rebranded to DSI DANTECH to offer cryogenic, mechanical and plate technology for freezing, cooling and heating food.

DSI Freezing Solutions A/S acquired Cryogenic Equipment and Services NV, a provider of cryogenic freezing technology, and Dantech Freezing Solutions A/S, a leader in mechanical freezers and thermal treatment systems for the food industry, in May.

The developments have led to the birth of a new company called DSI DANTECH with a set-up across Asia, Europe, and the US.

Lars Priess, CEO of DSI DANTECH, said, “We have great experience with all types of thermal treatment – from cryogenic to mechanical and plate technology. We can provide truly objective guidance, so the customer gets the optimal solution that matches their production and quality needs.”

He added, “The food industry is under increasing pressure to deliver sustainable food. DSI Dantech can play an active role in helping them reach their objectives by reducing energy, water and chemicals usage. But we can do more than minimise our customers’ environmental footprint. We can provide guidance and customized solutions that sustain the quality of food, and we can add equipment that help our customers minimise food waste.”

DSI DANTECH has headquarters in Denmark and facilities in Kansas City, US; Moscow, Russia, and Seoul, South Korea.