One of Ukraine’s biggest energy companies, DTEK Group (DTEK), gave a weekly briefing yesterday (3rd March) on its recent efforts to sustain operations of Ukraine’s energy systems and current power-outages in parts of the country.

Speaking during the briefing, Maxim Timchenko, CEO, DTEK, reiterated DTEK’s previous statement that it will ensure the continued operation of Ukraine’s energy systems, including thermal power plants, coal mines, distribution system operators, energy products retail suppliers, green power generation and gas production assets, 

The company also revealed earlier this week that it will supply no-cost electricity to medical institutions, military, law enforcement agencies, and bread producers in Kiev and Donetsk, and Dnipropetrovsk oblasts. 

To avoid collapse of the Ukrainian energy system, the country’s power grid is set to become integrated with ENTSO-E (European Network of Transmission System Operators) – an association of 39 electricity transmission operators from 35 countries across Europe. 

By cooperating with Ukrenergo DTEK will help support the integration, which has an expected power delivery capacity of 2,000 MWt by 2023. 

DTEK also provided updates on the power situation within Ukrainian cities. Mariupol – a city of nearly half a million people – has sustained severe damage to its power grid due to Russian shelling. 

With local hospitals having to use power generators, emergency crews from DTEK have been dispatched to help repair damaged grids. 

An announcement today by the company stated that DTEK’s thermal power plants (TPPs) have – as of this morning (4thMarch) – were activated following an attack by Russia forces on the Zaporozhia nuclear power plant (NPP). 

A spokesperson at DTEK revealed, “As of the morning of Friday 4th March, additional commands were received to turn on nine units to compensate for the capacities of nuclear units outside the schedule.” 

“DTEK now has 23 TPP power units in operation instead of the planned 14.”