Energy company DTEK is set to take anti-crisis measures to ensure stability of Ukraine’s energy sector as Russia/Ukraine tensions continue to intensify.

Focusing on ensuring stable energy supplies and energy security in the country, DTEK has provided updates on its methods to prioritise security and minimise risk for its employees. 

The company stated that all of its enterprises are in operation – except for the Luhans’ka TPP, which was switched off due to shelling. 

To ensure further security for employees, DTEK has created a register of its key personnel which are required to provide support for its critical infrastructure, in addition to establishing an anti-crisis coordination headquarters in operation 24/7. 

An event that took place on February 23rd saw CEO of DTEK Maxim Timchenko meet with President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and CEOs/owners of the top-50 national companies. 

During the meeting, discussions centred around ways big business can support the state during what is being called an ‘unprecedented’ threat to the country’s security. 

From February 24th, United Power System of Ukraine (UPS) began working in the ‘island mode’ as required by the ENTSO-E. 

Coal continues to be produced by DTEK energy and current coal stocks at TPPs are enough to ensure 15 days of operation. 

To honour external debt obligations and protect its financial position, DTEK Energy is suspending the major part of its payments except for those considered necessary for operations. 

The organisation will coordinate its work with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, central and local authorities. 

Scheduled to participate in gasworld’s Europe Industrial Gas Summit 2022: A Renewed & Redefined Europe, DTEK is considered one of Ukraine’s biggest private energy sector investors and is involved in a range of energy generation measures.