Presenting his company’s vision for the Middle East when speaking at the gasworld conference, Air Liquide’s Pierre Dufour underlined just how much promise the region affords as he described it as a ‘booming’ area and spoke of future investment in the market.

Air Liquide’s senior vice president noted that the company has a great depth of investment in the region and intends to pursue this in future years as the Middle East market continues to strengthen.

Dufour, also president and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings Inc, commented, “We have a long history in the region, a long history of being flexible to the needs of the market. We have, with our partners, more than $300m invested in the region already, invested in the ground or under construction, and we intend of course to invest much more in the coming few years, with our partners, to accompany the growth of our customers big and small.”

“The Middle East is a great region. I’ve been around it for many, many years as most of you have, and it’s an absolutely great region with lots of potential,” he added.

Discussing this potential in the region, Dufour went on to say, “Our history in the region and our current position, I think, makes us a very important player in the industrial gas market here. We intend to remain that way. The region has a bright future, we all know that, if we don’t know it we sense it – all we have to do is drive from here to the airport to see that this region is booming.”

“I believe our industry, the gas industry, is a great industry – it supports just about every other industry known to the world, and it is absolutely essential to talk about every part of the world,” he added.

Pierre Dufour was speaking during the morning’s first session, presenting the Air Liquide group’s Vision for the Middle East.