Vacuum technology specialist DVP Vacuum Technology has today introduced four new oil-free rotary vane vacuum pumps.

The new pump series is formed of the SC-60, SC-80, SC-100, SC-140 pumps which feature original designs and significant performance boost.

Service life of the pumps is increased by 100% due to the highly resistant graphite material they are made of and the pumps low operating temperature.

The lower operating temperature of the pump is due to appropriate flow of air and increased ventilation that reduce heat radiation in the working environment for increased safety.

As well as reduced operating temperature, the noise level of the pumps has also been decreased due to a soundproofing panel inside the conveyer carter and the redesign of intakes.

Maintenance of the products has also been simplified. The removable front grid allows direct access to the vanes for quick replacement without removing the complete conveyer carter.

Due to the optimisation of the suction and discharge phases, energy efficiency of the pumps has been increased by up to 15%.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 17.01.31

Source: DVP Vacuum Technology