US-based Eagle LNG Partners LLC (Eagle LNG) has signed a long-term supply contract with WEB Aruba (WEB), the local power and water utility in Aruba, which will see the development of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving and regasification terminal on the island.

The new terminal, to be located at an industrial location in San Nicolas, will act as WEB’s LNG receiving and regasification terminal for its Balashi power plant. 

A stronger reliance on LNG reflects WEB’s investment in more sustainable dual-fuel engines. 

Stating that LNG fits in WEB Aruba’s vision of ‘cleaner, greener and fuel oil free production’, Serapio (Laty) Wever, CEO, WEB Aruba Al, added, “We welcome LNG as a transition fuel that eventually should lead to a mix of 50% renewable energy sources and 50% alternative fuels.” 

The development involves an investment of around $100m in Aruba and could create up to 100 local jobs, in addition to paving the way for a significant reduction in harmful emissions. 

“This is an extremely important project for an Aruba that loves its environment, which will produce energy based upon clean energy that will reduce costs of water and electricity to the benefit of all of Aruba,” said Glenbert Croes, Aruba Minister of Labour, Energy and Integration.