Chart Ferox has revealed that its new Medium Pressure Vessels (MPV) production line is in full flow of production, able to complete more than 100 units of EuroCyls with a capacity of 600 litres per month.

Chart Ferox started to build its new MPV production line at its Czech facility in the year 2010.

The total investment amounts to $1m and the new line is able to produce ‘state-of-the-art’ stainless steel cryogenic cylinders for air gases and natural gas, with volumes ranging from 600 to 2000 litres.

The main focus of the investment was to make improvements in a number of areas, namely delivery time, total production capacity, quality with a high level of automation and process control in relation to lean production principles and continuous product flow, together with the elimination of work in process inventory (one piece flow).

In the area of quality, the main emphasis was placed on process control elements in order to ensure full customer satisfaction through increased final product quality.

Chart Ferox strongly believes that all current and ongoing improvements will lead to more satisfied customers being supplied with higher quality products in accordance with their requests. The company has told gasworld that the new line is in full flow of production and operating well.