Ukraine’s Dary Prirody has begun the restructuring of its operations, as the company strives to become the number one player in the country’s industrial gas market.

Dary Prirody is already the second largest producer of industrial gases in Ukraine and has enjoyed more than 18 years of successful supply of gases to customers across the country.

Keen to build on this and ‘better meet’ the needs of its customers, Dary Prirody has set in motion a ‘massive restructuring’ of the company and its operations, which as resulted in the creation of new companies to work with its partners – DP Air Gas and DP Engineering.

It’s anticipated that the restructuring will both benefit new and existing customers, and increase the competition in the Ukraine gases business.

DP Air Gas is a new national player in the market of industrial gases, not only serving its parent company, but also offers services throughout the territory of Ukraine. The main purpose of the company is to ensure uninterrupted and safe production processes, using qualified, reliable and stable supply of technical, medical and pure gases and mixtures for different applications.

DP Engineering meanwhile, specialises in developing and implementing projects of any complexity for the use and application of industrial gases. The company will provide design, installation and maintenance of engineering systems for the supply of gases – as well as providing repair & inspection of cryogenic equipment and gas cylinders, and the sale and lease of cryogenic tanks and reservoirs, tanks and bundles.

During restructuring, the Dary Prirody group of companies will host an international audit and certification in accordance with ISO 9001. Employees of DP Air Gas and DP Engineering will receive education/training by the international programme MBA.