The innovative brazing process for Harris’ torch product manufacturing eliminates the use of cadmium from the process and product, delivering consumer safety, improving quality, reducing cost, and increasing capacity.

The Harris Products Group is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of metal working products for a wide variety of industries.  For the gas distribution industry, many of Harris’ products come from a plant located in the southwestern Polish city of Dzierzoniów.

Here in this city founded in the 12th century, Harris combines 21st century technology and efficiencies to manufacture a wide and diverse offering of torch, regulator, welding/heating/cutting tips, and array of accessories used all over the world.

Opened in 2007, the Dzierzoniów plant covers 8500 square meters, with enough room for growth to double that footprint.

And Harris has also experienced innovation at the plant as well in its brazing process.

The Dzierzoniów facility also utilises a various array of machining processes, including high speed and high volume CAM equipment, high precision CNC machining centres, vertical machining centres,  “Swissturn” variable feed machining centres, and robotics cells.

“The Dzierzoniów plant is an outstanding example of how Harris Products Group has built on our reputation as an innovator for our world-leading product line for our customers in heavy industry,” said Fabio Pedracolli, Managing Director of Harris Products Group.  

“Now Harris has become a true innovator in how these products are manufactured, as well.”

The products that come off the line in Dzierzoniów are shipped to nearly 80 countries around the world. That number is expected to grow as the return on Harris’ continued capital investment in process improvements, new technology, and new equipment will fuel the increased demand for its products.