Premium Engineering announces the completion of the construction of a nitrogen plant and the commissioning of a KDON-750-800/30Y air separation plant at the Talakan oil and gas field in the Republic of Sakha, in Yakutia – Russia.

U.S. based Red Mountain Energy has supplied equipment for the project.

Under the terms of the contract, Premium Engineering is responsible for the design of the equipment, and for commissioning and start-up.

Premium Engineering engineers have been working all though the Yakut winter in the most testing conditions, without a well-developed transport infrastructure. Personnel were brought to the work site using helicopters leased by Surgutneftegas – which the plant is being built for.

Installation work started in October 2011 and, early in 2012, the parties signed a certificate on the successful completion of the commissioning and start-up work.

The KDON-750-800/30Y air separation plant has the capacity of 1,000 kg of liquid nitrogen per hour. The newly commissioned nitrogen plant also includes a liquid nitrogen long-term storage system with a total storage capacity of 200 m3.

As a result, Premium Engineering and Surgutneftegas are now well advanced on another project to develop a cryogenic plant widely used to enhance oil recovery in different regions and which will provide a source of nitrogen for the oil industry.