To help the fight against coronavirus, additional oxygen and oxygen-related equipment worth $64,000 (R 4.7m) will be distributed across hospitals in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The announcement follows a joint media briefing between the Minerals Council South Africa and the Eastern Cape Government who provided an overview of the supply in Eastern Cape.

At the time of publication, 450 fingerprint pulse oximeters; 900 batteries; 200 oxygen regulators; 30,000 oxygen nasal cannulas; and 49 pulse oximeter desktops had been delivered to some hospitals.

Dr Thuthula Balfour, Head of Health at the Minerals Council, said, “Our approach to addressing COVID-19 has, from the outset, been based on collaboration at our operations, in our communities, in the provinces where we operate, and nationally.”

“For many people who become seriously ill from COVID-19, particularly those who are most vulnerable, oxygen represents life. We appreciate the sincere efforts by the Eastern Cape Government in working closely with us on this initiative.”