The Russian company Uralcryomash has announced that in the January to June period of the current year, the company increased net income 8.7 times in comparison with the first half-year of 2013 – up to 45.415m Roubles.

In a statement, the company has said, “The reasons for the growth of finances are due to a serial order for tank car, model 15-157-02 for transportation of caustic soda and the completion of the operations stage for the development of the composite container (R&D), with serial production planned for 2016.”

“Uralcryomash is continuously extending its products line, and on August 1st the company received another certificate for the rail tank car, model 15-558S-04, which is a more improved model in comparison with the former rail tank cars, models 15-558S-01 and 15-558S-03, for transportation of air separation products (nitrogen, oxygen, argon) in special transport conditions.”