Small and effective is how Witt characterises its new blow off valve, as the company announces the release of its ‘AV815’ device, developed to vent acetylene in combination with manifold pressure regulators as per DIN EN ISO 7291 specification.

The direct acting spring-loaded safety valve protects pressure regulators from damage due to excess pressure and when the preset opening pressure is reached, the component, releases excess gas. The AV815 valve is available with six different opening pressures of 0.75 to 2.5 bar and nominal flow capacities of up to 90 m³/hour.

Witt’s innovative new valve is particularly easy to install, in any orientation and protected from contamination by means of a protective cap. Suitable for working temperatures ranging from -40 to +80 °C, every single unit is inspected and certified by TÜV before it is dispatched – a service the company is keen to point out as it may not be offered by all suppliers.

Witt relies on brass for its housings since brass has a higher resistance to corrosive environments. The internal compression spring is made of stainless steel and the valve seal of EPDM. Both the inlet with a dimension of G ½ male – sealed via an O ring – and the outlet – an M24 x 1 female type bolted connection – are standardised. Several adapters are available to connect to the vent-off line.