Indian company, S. VAGADIA INNOVATIVES, has launched a new Gas Saver which promises to conserve energy and economise on costs.
The recent release has been approved by the Indian government and achieved the European standard ‘CE’. Moreover, the product improves thermal efficiency of the gas and offers up to 25% gas saving. The device is suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial use. Compatible gases include hydrocarbons, LPG and CNG.
Users can be satisfied with testing as the SVI Gas Saver has undergone thorough scrutiny by NSIC- Government Laboratory National Small Industries Corporation Limited (NSIC) in India, ONGC Approved ITALAB PVT LTD, also in India, and Gas Appliances Research and Development in Taiwan.
SVI Gas savers are made with brass or s.s. extrusion bars and contain special property magnets. The company also offers to tailor devices to specific customer specifications.