Over the coming days, we’re continuing to look at my top 10 stories across the industrial gas year – and what a year it has been. We’re going to see hydrogen, synthetic fuels, ASU growth, medical oxygen milestones, and so much more besides.

Yesterday, at number six, I re-told a personal favourite from the year as I was fortunate to interview a legend of Formula One (F1) that I’d always looked up to. It will long remain a career highlight for this Editor.

And today, in at number five of my Top 10 Editor’s Picks of 2021, is another story of personal significance – but also one of global relevance.

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Source: gasworld

And when I say personal significance, that means for us all at gasworld and H2 View. That’s because in June, the spotlight was on Cornwall, UK as a number of world leaders convened in person for the first time in two years at the G7 Summit 2021.

gasworld is located less than 20 miles away from the site of the summit, Carbis Bay (pictured), and the county was abuzz with G7 fever – and traffic congestion! – as leaders from the UK, US, Japan, Italy, Germany, France and Canada all arrived and went onto discuss major global issues. The eyes of the world’s press all on those proceedings and the stunning backdrop to which they were being held.

Those issues included the impact of Covid-19 around the world and the roll-out of the required vaccines, as well as the huge need for oxygen to help save lives now and in the near future, and the story of our time – the urgent need for decarbonisation and the quest for sustainability.

Mount Recyclemore

Source: © Rob Cockerill

Mount Recyclemore, an artistic display that accompanied the G7 Summit hype in St Ives Bay in June,

This is a critical issue that the industrial gases industry is at the very heart of, with its expertise, solutions and increasing efforts in areas such as hydrogen energy, carbon capture and utilisation (CCUS) and even alternative energies such as LNG and biomethane.

All of which meant that this G7 Summit was a story close to our hearts at gasworld on so many levels.