UK-based manufacturer Edwards has launched a new, fully mobile and easy-to-use leak detector that it says is customisable for any application.

The ELD500 has been designed for fast, accurate leak detection and can be set to work in either vacuum mode to precisely measure leak rates, or sniffer mode to identify leak locations.

Eld500 leak detector press release[10]

Source: Edwards

The device achieves repeatable accuracy through calibration with an integrated test leak source and high quality mass spectrometer.

In addition, the ELD500 features low energy consumption and even longer life ion source. Its low weight and integrated carry handles means it can also be trolley mounted and used on bench tops.

It can be used in a range of applications, such as a production line where consistent measurement repeatability is crucial, or in a laboratory environment where the measurement of extremely low leak rates is needed.

Dr. Sina Forster, Product Manager at Edwards, said that the device was “a great addition to the Edwards product portfolio” and that it has been designed to provide fast, accurate detection in any application.”