UK-based manufacturer Edwards has introduced a range of passive gauges and controllers to meet the needs of customers with specialised applications across the high energy physics and ultra-high vacuum sectors.

The new Edwards range of passive gauges comprises Pirani, Penning and both Bayard-Alpert and Extractor Ion gauge heads. These are used in conjunction with a passive gauge controller to display pressure and offer an interface for the user. Pressure ranges of 10-9 to 1000 mbar are covered by the PGC201 controller together with Pirani and Penning gauge, and for pressure ranges of 10-12 to 1000 mbar are covered by the PGC202 controller together with Pirani and Ion gauge.

edwards passive gauges

Edwards passive gauges (2017)

Source: Edwards

The range can be used in a wide range of applications, from UHV systems to process industries, or wherever the use of an active gauge is not possible.

Dave Goodwin, Senior Product Manager at Edwards, said the range was “an excellent addition to the Edwards portfolio” and it would enhance their customer product offering.